11 Sep 2021


Robert F. Kennedy Jr   @RobertKennedyJr
“Fauci’s vaccine-centric policies have given America more COVID deaths + cases than any other nation. With 4.2% of global population, America has suffered 14.5% of all COVID deaths. Instead of firing Fauci, Biden is doubling down on his failed policies.”

Wonder why I am scared for my two grandsons??


Maryanne Demasi, PhD   @MaryanneDemasi
“Boys aged 12-15, with no underlying medical conditions are 4-6x more likely to be diagnosed with vaccine-related myocarditis than ending up in hospital with Covid. ~86% of the boys required some hospital care.” amp-theguardian-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/amp.thegua
BTW:  0.006 is 6 times greater than 0.001. But both are very low numbers.  This statement is an example of how stats are mis-represented to make a point.  Yet, I think the point still stands.

9 Sep 2021

“AssocAmerPhys&Surg       @AAPSonline
AAPS strongly opposes federal interference in medical decisions, including mandated vaccines.”
Why are so many physicians so opposed to something which is supposed to be science???

Sep 8, 2021

Food for thought, and it seems to follow what I have observed…

Pierre Kory, MD MPA    @PierreKory
“Dr. Relman, former editor of NEJM 2002: “[Doctors] are being bought by [Pharma], not only in the practice of medicine, but in teaching & research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. It’s disgraceful” “

7 Sep 2021

“Cases in Israel with mask mandates and vaccine passports are 1,191% higher than Sweden where no one is wearing masks and there are no vaccine passports so get ready for more mask mandates and vaccine passport recommendations from purposefully ignorant experts”


Believe it or not, this is pushing myself, and my longest walk of the year, probably the best rate (?!)  Most was near the Maffetone HR, but I did see 154 once….  

1.49 mi 28:52

Sep 6, 2021

back to diet, eating and exercise:

“Companies like Coca Cola pay fortunes to compliant researchers to mislead the public. Drug companies use ‘relative risk’ calculations instead of ‘absolute risk’ to imply they have a miracle cure. Doctors who speak out against this are censored by the authorities.”

From Charlies Spedding’s new book, and here is a very brief summary of what you need to know: https://stopfeedinguslies.com/the-book/

Sep 5, 2021

Wow. Facebook hit an all time low today on censorship. Your comment could be “deleted for spam” if it is a direct link to a published study or review of Ivermectin in a medical journal. It happened here: The American Journal of Therapeutics: Dr. Pierre Kory & Dr. Paul Marik”

The article has the audacity to claim Ivermectin works (and is safe), It was done by scientists after an actual study, but FB knows better .. https://journals.lww.com/americantherapeutics/Fulltext/2021/06000/Review_of_the_Emerging_Evidence_Demonstrating_the.4.aspx



  Aug Last Month End Year 2020 Start – Jan 2018 2021 Best
Weight 180.2 177.6 185.2 224 177
Bench Press   155 170*5 195 175*2
Dead Lift   195 250*5 205 275*2
Leg Press 230*18 235*3 155*5   165
Longest Jog 1.42 mi 42:00   1.09 mi 22:55 2.11 mi 50:50 1.34 mi 38:00
Mile Run (Jog?) “26:09   “20:30 18:39 24:52

4 Sep 2021


P. D. Mangan Health & Freedom Maxima   @Mangan150
“Dr. Malcolm Kendrick doesn’t know what to believe about Covid anymore. Must-read article.”

“It appears, therefore, that we have public health bodies without clinical samples, a test which is non-specific and does not distinguish between infectivity and non-infectivity, a requirement for biosafety level 3 facilities to even look for a virus, yet we are led to believe that it is up all our noses.” From Dr Malcolm Kendrick, a Scottish physician: https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/2021/09/03/i-have-not-been-silenced/

3 Sep 2021

from an email to a link.. how much do you trust the “science” being pushed on us?

“The vaccine panelists within FDA have numerous financial and other conflicts of interest, and the FDA itself receives industry funding. For example, recent FDA Commissioner Hahn just accepted a job with the financiers of Moderna. This decision also violates the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) that requires open forums. “


2 Sep 2021

I have come to believe Covid is a real disease and serious problem, mostly for those with metabolic disorders (FAT!).  For the rest of the population it seems to be like the flu: annoying and occasionally pretty serious, but not so commonly serious.

Why then have humans approached it was superstition? – basically ignoring prior studies on epidemics and implementing things like masks which, have very little effect.

Note this:

“I am glad to see a second RCT on masks. The result is in line with the earlier Danish RCT, which showed very low efficacy in preventing covid, especially for cloth masks. Thanks to the authors for conducting the study!”

And look at Sweden with a graph showing the current problem:




Treatment options??

“The Tokyo Medical Association announced that it has recommended that all doctors begin treating COVID patients with ivermectin. Don’t expect to see this in the US. Big pharma/vaccine manufacturers and the Democrat media political machine are busy with the fear and death toll”