Aug 7, 2022

Pushup 15 Bench Machine 155 35sec-15sec
Bench 155 1 Tricep stack 65 35sec-15sec


and remember government: (cholesterol, climate, covid) … had not thought about it in these terms; however, this really is an example of how scientific consensus REQUIRES bullying!

from Twitter: PlanB


“In 1633, the government put Galileo Galilei on house arrest until his death in 1642, for writing that the planets circle around the sun. Government cancelled him and silenced open scientific debate. Government (power and force) versus science (ideas and debate), classic. “

Aug 6, 2022

I am setting a weight loss goal: to 142.6. My scales measure in 0.2lb increments. Let’s see.  There is not a time frame on purpose, but less than a year.  Today is 180.6 .


nil Food as medicine  @dingdongjapan
“Let this sink in !! They will try and prescribe all the medicines they can..they want a sick care industry…”  Image


Some MD’s see it:

Elie Jarrouge, MD


Highly educated people can become victims of their education. Some become rigid and refuse to entertain the possibility that some of the information they learned and believed for years could be wrong. I saw plenty of it in academic medicine and I see plenty of it in nutrition.


I love this:

Aug 5, 2022

Not much new, but an interesting side thought, and so true.

Carnivore Sapien   @CarnivoreSapien
“Reminder: Eggs contain everything required to produce a living being. The macronutrient ratio is perfect. The micronutrient ratio is perfect. You’re crazy if eggs don’t play a major part of your diet.”

Aug 3, 2022

Press Machine 40 12 Pullback 60 60sec Bent Row 10 12


Puts it as well as it can be put:

David Diamond  @LDLSkeptic  (PhD in Biology)
“yep, that 1% better than placebo benefit has been an extraordinary advance in therapeutics. Imagine if antibiotics had the same 1% effectiveness as statins AMA Intern Med. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2022.0134”

Aug 2, 2022

Chatted with my gym friend Darius about lifting.  He is one of those gifted with leanness and more power than you can believe.  He felt as if Deadlifting could be done infrequently and told me about how he actually responded well to Squatting heavy weights DAILY for over a month. Wonderful guy (big smile – makes me envious) and gifted.

me, today:

Deadlift 135 & 175×3 60sec Shrug 70 16
Squat 75 10 Toe Raise 110 55 sec


Interesting facts (!) on CO2 & therefore the current climate hysteria.

CO2 Coalition  @CO2Coalition

Aug 1, 2022

Ken D Berry MD  @KenDBerryMD
“3 RCT’s in Humans show that replacing Animal Fat with vegetable oil is dangerous. Are doctors recommending canola, corn, soybean, sunflower, safflower oil doing harm??”  Very interesting  9 Minute Video.


WindTalker  @nmlinguaphile
The video is 28 minutes; however, it is very interesting, esp at the 3:25 point where it talks about the first well documented heart attack. … about a year after Crisco  came out… hmmm


And this on fact checkers:   

Thomas Massie  @RepThomasMassie
“Last time I checked, @factcheckdotorg’s vaccine fact check program was funded by an organization (@RWJF) that holds $2 billion dollars worth of vaccine manufacturer stock.”

Jul 31, 2022

One can feel Summer slipping away. Pretty soon we will have our first cool breeze..

Pulldown 105 50 sec DB Curl 25 45 sec
Row Machine 100 45 sec Ab Pulldown 40 45 sec
  Jul Last Month Start – Jan 2018 2022 Best Best Efforts End Year 2021 End Year 2020 End Year 2019 End Year 2018
Weight 179 175.4 224 169.4 169;4 178.6 185.2 184 191
Bench Press 150 145 195 150 21 21 170*5 180 115
Dead Lift 165 135×8 205 195×4 330 175*3 250*5 265×2 315
Squat/Leg Press 72×10 65×8 & 322×8   320×3 320×3 295*8 155*5 125×8  
Longest Jog 1.09mi 29:24 1.08mi 21:54 2.11 mi 50:50 1.10mi 24:02 4.54 mi 1:11:14 1.11mi 30:00 1.09 mi 22:55 1.97 mi 36:49 4.54 mi 1:11:14
Mile Run (Jog?) “26:48 “20:16 18:39 21:55 15:53 “22:6 “20:30 18:22 13:02

Jul 30, 2022

Pushup   14 Bench Machine 150 35sec-15sec
Bench 150 1 Tricep stack 65 35sec-15sec
Paul Mason MD @DrPaulMason
“Compared to milk protein, soy protein (with oestrogenic isoflavones) increases oestrogen levels in young men. Further proof of isoflavone absorption is shown by massive increases in urinary isoflavones with soy protein isolate consumption.”