Jan 27, 2020

Yesterday’s workout was a major change.  I did enough intensity to be quivering as I left the gym – with fewer sets. And remember it was leg day, including dead lifts.  Well today, I am sore for the first time in a long time. Surprisingly to me, I am most sore in the upper back, around the lateral part of the scapula.. infraspinatus? Teres major/minor? as well as a little in the trapezoid muscle.

Jan 26, 2020

Elected to do leg day rather than complete body. Just hated the no exercise for a week.  Dr. McGuff has a split he uses to avoid overdoing with his emergency medical practice.

At the end of the short workout, I was shaking, so I feel good about doing something. Time will tell.  I think it made my “run” shorter and slower.  And again my new-ish Galaxy Watch Active2 did not pick up my heart rate.  Note the exercises have time rather than reps, and I do the reps fairly slowly.

Dead lift – hex bar 145 75 sec
Shrug 145 35 sec
Squat Simulator 145 40 sec
Toe Raise 145 40 sec
Leg Curl Machine 60 30 sec
Hip Extension Machine 60 40 sec
Reverse Curl stack 30 55 sec
Run 5.6 mph 59 sec

I used a stopwatch timer today rather than a count down timer. It seems better, but still cannot be totally accurate.

Note that Mike Mentzer who came close to winning a Mr Olympia title, advocated short workouts with time to recuperate. He had several books.  See Amazon.com the Mike Mentzer site.


Jan 25, 2020

Food Log.  I am finding more brands with full fat, or at least whole milk based, Greek Yogurt. So yummy.  Eager for my workout tomorrow.  Toying with the idea of going to a more intense, split schedule, so I do not have so many days off….? …..

Meals in yellow are at restaurants, look at my weights the next day.  My mood log reflected a change after the buffet. not horrible, but there.

I was probably too eager to try the “Greek God” yogurt (tonight).  Mr Karnazes is right, it is good.

01/19/20 183.6 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel steak green beans Hibachi: salmon shrimp scallops – sauce
01/20/20 185.4 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel cheese Buffet: salmon shrimp ribs crab
01/21/20 187.2 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel sardines PK mayo cheese liver onions
01/22/20 186.2 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel sardines PK mayo ribs: restaurant (bad)
01/23/20 186.6 cheesy eggs bacon Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel hamburger cheese
01/24/20 185.6 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel lamb eggplant mez lamb! Broccoli
01/25/20 186 cheesy eggs bacon lamb Greek God yogurt cream Primal Fuel

Jan 24, 2020

This once a week workout thing is driving me crazy (along with cold, rainy weather). Going to go see how much I can bench press.  No other workout.  PM: I did 185×1.
“When it comes to atherosclerosis, it is not about LDL or total cholesterol. It’s about inflammation and oxidative stress. There are many things that contribute to our overall inflammation like high blood sugar, exogenous toxins, endotoxins, and a glucose based metabolism. But it may surprise people that natural toxins found in plants can also contribute to inflammation. This is one reason why inflammtory markers like hs-CRP plummet on animal based diets.”


From twitter, an explanation of cholesterol and sclerosis of the artery.

Nicholas Andre  @nickandre

Subendothelial accumulation of unesterified cholesterol. An early event in atherosclerotic lesion development.
Kruth HS. 1985, Atherosclerosis.”

Jan 22, 2020

From a long article contesting the “Game Changers” ideas:

CLAIM #6: Vegetables are nutrient dense superfoods and the foundation of a healthy diet

The Game Changers and vegans believe that vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet. Like most people, they’ve been led to believe that vegetables and health are synonymous.

But these claims do not stack up to reality.

TRUTH: Meat has more of every single nutrient than plants, other than vitamin c. A vegan diet is absent or deficient in many nutrients.

A vegan diet is one of the least healthy things you can do. You are willfully depriving your body and brain of critical nutrients it needs. Some include:

  • B12
  • Retinol
  • Heme iron
  • Zinc
  • DHA
  • Taurine
  • Choline
  • Glycine
  • K2

Even in the circumstances where plants have a comparable amount of a nutrient, it’s often less absorbable. For instance, in the cases where plants and animals have two different forms of the same nutrient, the animal form is ALWAYS the one you need:

  • Retinol vs carotene
  • D3 vs D2
  • Heme iron vs non heme
  • Pyridoxal vs Pyridoxine

Spinach, a food that most people think is the pinnacle of health, has less of almost every nutrient than beef liver. If you want to eat a healthy diet, animal products needs to be the foundation.

Comparison of 100g servings of spinach and animal products
Here is the whole article.


Jan 19, 2020

The Greek yogurt I have been eating is Cabot brand, which tastes good and has a high fat content. And in the stores, it is difficult to find full fat plain yogurt.  Yesterday, I saw Chobani brand plain yogurt and looked the ingredients. It says “whole milk, skim milk + cream”, but had no other items listed.  The ingredient list for Cabot includes “milk, cream, whey protein and milk protein”. The Cabot fat % is higher; however, I decided to try the Chobani, since it has a lower carbohydrate % and it seems more the way nature (and earlier farmers) intended.  What I am also hoping for is less milk-reactive proteins.  Once more, we will see.  Among other things, will the Chobani be available next week?

This article by Dr Georgia Ede to whom I have referred previously (a lot) discusses the role of insulin in what she calls “garden variety Alhzeimer’s”.  One interesting point she makes is the role of several “co-mobidity diseases” – aging, hypertension, obesity, sleep apnea, head trauma, and depression” – in promoting neurodegeneration.  Summary article.  Ain’t I fun today?  The bottom line is to control the inflammation.

Did my new “Body by Science” workout, week 2 plus a short sprint – a little further than last week.  The workout was good, but no way to measure improvement.  Working on that.  The measure is duration, which is hard to do without help.  When I ran, my Samsung Active2 Watch did not pick up the heart rate above 80 and I messed up the stopwatch timer, but I ran about 10 yards further than last week. It hurt.

Jan 18, 2020

Had not heard this before: another reason to stop eating soy:

“New UC Riverside research shows soybean oil not only leads to obesity and diabetes, but could also affect neurological conditions like autism, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, and depression.”

This article actually is scary and explains why soy-boy and angry girl are real:  link here.

food log for the week:

01/12/20 185 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel Collagen Brazil: brisket pork broccoli steak Gouda cheese
01/13/20 185 bacon cream cheese liver onions cheese
01/14/20 184 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel Collagen hamburger cheese
01/15/20 184.6 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel sardines PK mayo salmon cheese PK mayo
01/16/20 183.8 salmon cheese PK mayo ham cheese lamb cheese
01/17/20 183.6 omelet hamburger cheese hamburger cheese
01/18/20 184.8 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel lamb cheese