June 17 – food log +

While I am convinced that low fat was based on poor science, in turn based on ideology rather than facts, I am not so sure as I may sound on the rest of food science.  What appealed to me about the Paleo movement is the basic questions: “What is mankind designed to eat? and Why?”  Then use science and investigation to find out. To me, the high fat theory coalesces many ideas and makes them work consistently. But it has been and still is a journey. At times exciting and at times exhausting.

I also wonder how many other factors such as mTOR are out there? and how many interpretations of biological pathways do we not understand today?    mTOR was discovered 15 years after I graduated from Vet School!   Unfortunately,  I do think industrial money is getting in the way, and often asking the wrong questions.

The food log:

06/10/18 prime rib PK Mayo chicken salad green beans tomato Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel
06/11/18 omelet SC Sardines PK mayo olive oil ham cheese lamb patties eggplant mez later: cream cheese Paleo Krunch
06/12/18 primal fuel coconut milk cream Salmon green beans camrones salad cream cheese
06/13/18 none steak broccoli onion eggplant in olive oil salmon green beans caesar salad
06/14/18 lamb Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel lamb PK mayo
06/15/18 cheesy eggs lamb eggplant mezes lamb
06/16/18  Greek yogurt Primal Fuel cream  pork rinds   lemon butter wings