June 29 – end of month

Jun 30 Last Month Start – Jan 1
Weight 199.6 202.8 224
Resting Heart Rate 51 52 59
Bench Press 120×10 165×8 195
Dead Lift 285 280 205
Longest Jog 4.00 mi
3.64 mi
2.11 mi
50:50 min
Mile Run 14:02 14:49 18:39

Notice the result of my shoulder injury. The weights and reps are actually up. I just decided to start basic rehab. It is finally hurting less.

Also found two interesting articles which have links in the “Other Links” part of my Links page:

First: Hong Kong has the highest meat consumption rate in the world, and the longest lifespan. Note that India is highly vegetarian and has major heart health issues. Hong Kong & India.

Second: a BMJ article which shows that in 2013 they knew that polyunsaturated fats increased death rates. Nice of them to tell us.