July 7 – food log

Thru my birthday and holiday, not too bad…. not too good, either.


07/01/18 none Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel shrimp spinach mushroom cream sauce pork rinds ice cream
07/02/18 Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel hot dog ham steak mushroom broccoli stir fry
07/03/18 omelet bacon lamb patties eggplant mez roast beef green beans wine
07/04/18 prime rib Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel hot dogs sauerkraut pork rind sour cream dip
07/05/18 none lamb patties eggplant mez ham beef fish mushroom broccoli
07/06/18 bacon Coconut milk cream Primal Fuel ribeye broccoli
07/07/18 none Coconut milk cream Primal Fuel ribeye broccoli

One thought on “July 7 – food log

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