July 15 – food log

been at Road Scholar program with Matthew, so no exercise or research.

Just the food log and some thoughts: Why do vegans and vegetarians want to eat food that tastes like meat? And why do they tell you something is good for you?.. and then … “and it tastes good, too.”  Seems to me our taste buds evolved for a reason.

07/08/18 omelet none chicken spinach
07/09/18 eggs bacon sausage cheese ham lettuce wrap chicken, Caesar salad
07/10/18 eggs bacon sausage cheese ground beef cheese chicken burger sour cream
07/11/18 eggs bacon sausage steak strips antipasta artichoke pepperoni
07/12/18 eggs bacon sausage roast beef cheese chicken veggies
07/13/18 eggs bacon sausage none ham
7/14/18 omelet none salmon broccoli Gouda cheese