Found on Twitter: Science Daily reporting U Texas study on dairy products. Not so bad as previously thought – to put it mildly.

Been thinking about comment a reader sent.  Apparently, vegetables such as broccoli have less calcium and other nutrients in them than they did 50 years ago. Why? Because farmers use artificial fertilizer, and no other additives, the soil is depleted.

And that gets me to a previous person who is investigating sustainable farming and complaining that the farms, in the Great Plains especially, are not sustainable the way they are being used. How long did the Great Plains act as a giant buffalo ranch? And how many critters survive the Glyphosate doses in the soy, corn and wheat fields? Do vegan advocates count rabbits, rats, snakes, foxes, wolves, bears, and the rest of the spectrum as living creatures?

All of which once more gets me to this: I do not assert this is settled science. It is being debated and investigated.  The “Paleo” group itself has a wide range of advocates, from those such as Sarah Ballantyne, PhD discussing autoimmune and lots of veggies, to Dr Tim Noakes with the Keto movement (including some veggies) and the extreme (maybe) Dr Georgia Ede who only eats meat. (Links on the links page)


If a scientist puts 17x sugar, meat and cancer inducing chemicals into the control animals is he proving that meat causes cancer or is he proving that scientists can cause cancer in test animals?