Mummies and the mind

Blog of Micheal Eades, MD who discusses the diet and health of Egyptian mummies. In particular, Queen Hatshepsut, who reigned in the 15th century BC.  Apparently the Egyptians lived on breads and fruits.  Queen Hatshepsut died as a 50 year old diabetic woman with cancer and major dental problems.

Dr Eades asserts that the Egyptian diet is similar to what is recommended by the ADA today, and they had similar results to what we are trending.

Or for fun, try Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, an Irish physician with a Masters in Human Nutrition and another in Neurology. Her list of things related to poor diet include acne, ADHD, migraines and heart disease. She seems especially interested in the mental side of nutritional choices.  That is more than a little interesting. One of the things that has brought me into the Paleo world was my mental reaction to gluten, different kinds of alcoholic drinks and even things like MSG in Chinese food. Also, I have noted through my food log that chocolate results in a zit breakout a day or two later.  Sadly, I no longer eat chocolate, even the very dark chocolate advocated by the Paleo crowd.