My basic beliefs

Here is my interpretation of how we got to where humans are today:

Homo Sapiens – our super power is cooling. We are low hair, with curly heads and perspire a lot so we can outrun any animal in the heat.

Our ability to out cool any animal allowed us to gorge on ruminant prey, giving us an endless source of fatty meat rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. That allowed our brains to grow and for us to eventually develop other qualities such as weapon use. It also allowed us to dispense with any organs needed to digest vegetable material. We have the ability to take in fat without passing it through the gut wall.

So I believe we are largely a carnivorous species. We also have the ability to take in fructose without digestion. That gives us a source of fat(!) mostly in the Autumn when we need extra fat to get through the Winter.

I believe the 1950’s onward push for a grain based diet is based on poor science. Salient data was omitted. And agenda based thinking influenced studies. (Vegetarians looked for ways to make their beliefs into science.)  That was followed by grain and oil manufacturing companies paying for studies which backs their point of view.  For that reason, many studies are not published and results are manipulated to make the desired points.

In other words, I believe modern so-called food science is fake and wrong. It is not consistent with what biochemists teach.

The drug industry profits greatly from producing drugs to mitigate the effects of the bad diet which is being chosen today.  There is no profit in stopping diseases such as diabetes mellitus by proper diet.

There is huge evidence that excessive carbohydrates are harmful and that seed oils cause inflammation in the body.

The excessive carbohydrates and seed oils cause inflammation in the arteries and along with smoking, virus and bacteria, and insulin caused damage to the endothelial lining. Cholesterol, which is part of the immune response, shows up in the vessels as part of the body’s attempt to heal the damage. Blood vessels do not clog like a drain from cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a “good guy” and not harmful. Attempts to lower cholesterol actually harm the immune system and disregulate the immune system, vitamin D, cortisone, testosterone and estrogen.