Added a page of graphs and graphical expressions of things. Named: “Graphs & Pics.”

Thought of the day courtesy of Michelangelo….“I hope that I may always desire more than I can accomplish.”

Food log:

07/22/18 liver onions tomato Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel
07/23/18 lamb mezes only prime rib village salad Gouda
07/24/18 omelet sausage hot dogs coconut oil ribeye caesar salad green beans
07/25/18 sardines pk mayo coconut oil ribeye broccoli tomato
07/26/18 omelet Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel eggy cheese hot dog ribeye
07/27/18 cheesy eggs salmon cheese sour cream spinach mushrooms salmon cheese Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel
07/28/18 omelet gr beans salmon cheese and crab – Jap Buffet

Jogged 1.59 miles 30:32 after a reasonable if not great leg and deadlift day.