4.02 miles 1:09:28 mostly easy till last 1/2 mile. Did it all with jogging. 3.25 miles barefoot on asphalt track.

More information on a supposed study that shows low carb shortens lifespan if you don’t count the people who get diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease in the high carb mortality group.  hmmm…. Is this the best that Nutrition Science can offer?

here we go: The “Study” consisted of asking people what they ate over the last 3-5 years.

And here is a scientist’s (Angela A Stanton, PhD)  analysis of that study.  Quotes from the analysis that I find interesting:

WOW, hold on now. They collected carbohydrate information from the first and third visit and then they estimated the rest based on these two visits? Do they mean by this that

  1. The data for years 2,4,5, and 6 didn’t match what they wanted to see?
  2. The data for years 2,4,5, and 6 didn’t exist?


“…We did not update carbohydrate exposures of participants that developed heart disease, diabetes, and stroke before Visit 3, to reduce potential confounding from changes in diet that could arise from the diagnosis of these diseases… The expected residual years of survival were estimated…”

Oh wow! So those who ate a lot of carbohydrates and developed diabetes, stroke, heart disease during the study were excluded

And my favorite baseball team won most of its games if they were not blown away in the first 5 innings, and especially if they were ahead after 9 innings!!!!