Here is where the science seems to be leading us today:

First Statin CAUSES coronary artery calcification.  Study here.

Study Conclusion: In this community-based case-control study of nonelderly adults, lower serum TC, LDL-C, and non–HDL-C levels but a higher TG/HDL-C ratio were associated with an increased risk of OHSUD. These findings indicate the need for prospective studies to elucidate the role of lipids in sudden death.  “OHSUD” is Out of Hospital Sudden Unexpected Death.

In other words LOW cholesterol leads to death.

And a new post (10:20 AM): Ketogenic diet helps many  Adult Neuro Disorders.

Me: trying deeper squat and dead lift second, can really feel difference in legs while doing dead lift.  Then ran 1.77 mile in 29:29 Weight improving, but still no new low.