Day off from exercise, continuing to not eat till I am hungry which is around noon.

Found another group which discusses nutrition science, the Nutrition Coalition. They seem to back up the claim that carb companies, especially pasta, are skewing data to claim that grains are healthy and environmentally helpful.

Speaking of environment, saw an article that claims there were more buffalo on the Great Plains, than cattle today. Assertion: that was better for the environment, since there is now Global Warming.  Interesting, but simplistic does not work for either side…

Georgia Ede, MD, writes frequently about diet. Here she discusses all meat diets and overall health in Eskimos and the Masai warriors of Africa. And she mentions a couple of other groups, such as the nomads of Mongolia and the Sioux as other examples. She claims to be unable to find a purely vegan society in history. Among other things Dr Ede has an entertaining writing style.