Took 2 days off running and have been veggie free for several days. Since “M” has a game in the morning, I did my “long jog” today. 4.05 miles 1:09:12.  The first two miles were kind of, almost in the “zone”:  1-14:48  2-15:40  3-18:04  4-19:44.  My HR stayed under the Maffetone limit (117) until the third mile.  After that 122 seems to be an easy level at which I practice talking out loud to myself.

My Garmin Watch gives other information, which I just became aware of.  Last week, I calculated the number of steps per mile and realized they were pretty short. Turns out the watch calculates that.  Last week it was 0.53 METERS,  today 0.57 meters. Confirming I ran better. It also averages the steps over the whole run, so I am sure the first part was better.  It does the same with Cadence. This time 164-190 range. 180 is considered optimum and apparently that is species wide.

I think this graphic says a lot:BodyBuild

This thought can be applied to lots of things, n’est-ce pas?