9/26/18-diet & cancer?

Several days of no breakfast (not hungry), Greek yogurt-cream-Primal-Fuel lunch, and moderate dinner. Last night a 10 oz steak and I finally broke thru to a new low weight. Today was leg day – trying to do deeper squats with lighter weights and to do single leg toe raises. Then ran my best mile so far in this project 13:26 as part of 1.96 miles in 29:49. My stride length is a little better at 0.63 (meters) for the whole run.

Now for lunch!

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Very Intriguing Twitter post on the subject of what causes cancer:  by @DominicDAgosti2 “Likely many mechanisms responsible. Possibly increased chronic inflammatory markers Possibly mitochondrial damage disrupting cellular energetics and genomic stability.”

Followed by this article which talks about disturbances to the Mitochondria caused by fermentable metabolites (sugar).

Dr Thomas Seyfried in a podcast talks about the same thing. This quote gives a hint:

  • Professor Seyfried explains how there is no consistency in genetic mutations across cancer types or even much across individual cancers but the one hallmark trait that ALL cancer cells share is that they ferment glucose and glutamine to produce energy and why this is so important to our understanding of cancer.

And other stuff… Note, this is not proof, but a thought process which needs to be investigated.