10/1/18-plant protein

In this Paleo Mom and veggie protein article,  Sarah Ballantyne, PhD, discusses the current search for vegetable protein to replace meat protein.

She is an allergy oriented PhD who has applied her lessons to her own life and family.  Dr Sarah Ballantyne’s book “The Paleo Approach” was an early read.  Among other things, it shows the range of ideas which are being examined and tried in the Paleo world.

It is also interesting to note that Dr. Timothy Noakes, the running authority who reversed himself and now advocates Low Carb, is also strongly pointing out that it may work for a majority, but that does not mean it works for everyone.  In other words, the leaders are still looking for answers.

My grandson points out that I seem to be a one-note song; I probably am, especially singing about the bad notes. The “good” notes seems to work for me.  More importantly, I think there are a couple of major  “sour notes” to avoid, still leaving several ways to compose the melody of eating.

So far the biggest “sour notes” seem to be excess carbohydrates, especially gluten, and soybean oil.  Dr Ballantyne has made her own melody with a different set of ingredients from mine. But it seems to work for her and her family.