Rest day for me. Resting HR down to 51, which is part of why I am confused about my ability to lift and run. Usually as I overdo, the resting heart rate goes up.  Perhaps stress as my wife needs extra care due to a fractured humerus.  Amazing how much one depends on hands and arms for standing up, etc.

Anyway, finished the Carbs II chapter of “Ernaehrungskompass” von Bas Kast.  He points out carbs get stored as fat by way of insulin.  Why? Because fat is a great store of energy, much more concentrated than carbs or protein.  And incidentally very easily converted to glucose by the liver. And he points out the when insulin is present, fat cannot be mobilized, so people with chronically high insulin must replenish energy with more Carbs. Sounds like a vicious circle to me.   Herr Kast then advocates a low carb diet to reduce insulin resistance, followed by a return to some good carbs – especially not starches. He also advocates the standard (probably valid) idea of eating real food.  And then puts in a pitch for wine. The next chapter is promised to be a discussion of what good carbs are.

Herr Kast notes that fat is a fuel, but really does not discuss that muscles use it pretty well.  He seems to believe that the brain MUST have glucose. But the brain functions very well on ketones alone – perhaps better.  Why else would babies be born ketotic, and mothers milk very high fat? Why else would ketosis stop seizures?

I do like his comments to test yourself and figure out what works for you.  Again, Dr Noakes is wondering that out loud.  I still think we are all from the same race and can do on no carbs, but certainly there are primitives peoples out there who do consume a lot of carbs and are not fat.  As is true of Kenyan distance runners who seem to thrive on a high carb diet and do not seem to have insulin resistance building up. — You may recall that Dr Noakes was a carb-loading marathoner, who found himself diabetic and changed his mind about lots of things.  And he is a researcher/ MD who backs it up.