My saga continues: resting HR this morning 50 BPM!  Had a brunch of Greek yogurt, cream and Primal Fuel and then Decided to do Leg Day. Dead lifted 275 and failed 305, which I did last week. On to squats, and I continue to do the lighter weight deeper squat which still felt hard in my thighs. Same weight as last week.  Toe Raise: both machines I usually use were in use, so used another and just did some.  I do not plan to run as hard as I can today, but will probably do a 30 minute medium jog.

Apparently I need some time off or longer spacing between workouts. Was trying to put that off till the trip next week.  hmmmmmmmm.

And then there is  Dr Malcolm Kendrick and some comments on Sweden’s Dr Dahlqvist who treated Diabetics with LCHF diets and was hauled before their “authorities”.  Given my blog, we all know how this turned out. In summary Carbs: bad, Fats: good.