Hurricane Michael went East of us in Atlanta and the rain was more than I wished to cope with for that jog  yesterday.  So I went today: 2.0 miles in 30:47, the first mile in 13:40.  Not too bad. My thighs were aching more than normal.  Stride length 0.64 meters, a little longer.  Basically, I sort of pushed to start, but then it never got any harder and I was willing to push some; there were points of struggle; I decided not to fight it.  Max HR was 137. Resting AM HR 50 again. I physically and mentally feel better post jog.  Will try to do the 20 minute jog tomorrow. Beginning to think an 8 day rotation might be best for working out – or more.

Also been rigorous about the meat since the Village Salad.  Went shopping today. Could not find sausage without Soy and/or dextrose/ evaporated cane juice.  What idiot does not know that “evaporated cane juice” is SUGAR?? Bought some with sugar. Just in the mood for Italian Sausage for lunch. oh, liver was not available.

And a happy Alex Fergus blog post on 13 reasons soy is so bad.  Found after I wrote the above.