Today’s lifting was marginally better, got 175 lbs x 2 reps and some other improvements. Nothing dramatic; however, the week off seemed to help. Wonder what will happen with the running when I do it?  Did drink less diet soda on the trip and weight is down a little. Another interesting side note is that my Garmin watch credited me with 19,000 steps on the drive from Palm Beach to home.  Wonder what sets it off?  Did the same going down there.

Man, there were some tempting treats on the table 3 nights in a row, not to mention the great bay side seafood restaurant we found. Sammy had what essentially was a “Zuppe de Mare” bowl that we could not finish, although I also had another course. Oh heck, have a little “plate envy” – look at those oysters from the next day, when we went back!



Thought questions of the day: Why are human babies born high fat? And has it always been so?  Note the following graphic is from 1998, well before the Paleo/ LCHF movement.