Ate only twice yesterday, 3 eggs and bacon, then my Greek yogurt combo that I just love. Did my slow jog and this morning: a new low weight 192.6 – what a difference reducing diet soda makes. And I slept mostly through the night.

I follow professor Tim Noakes, MD and some others on Twitter. Dr Noakes retweets things a lot – and this is the source of my “Twitter” related comments.

More and more pushing the idea of low carbs to reduce cancer.  And to a lessor extent, they talk about auto-immune disease and the effect of plants on it. My reading of Sarah Ballantyne, PhD (Paleo Mom) and my own experience strongly suggest that plant allergy mediates a lot of problems.  In my case, I suspect nightshades affects me: that includes my beloved eggplant as well as tomatoes. I remember telling clients their pets demanded the very thing they were allergic to. Why? it sets off a cortisone reaction and makes you feel good for a while.  Cortisone kills brain cells.

Copied from Twitter:

Yes. Ask people iike Cutting all plants from the diet has put some cases of auto-immune disease into remission. I suspect this is the next great breakthrough (after T2DM “reversal”) that will flow from the LCHF global movement. See also

Dr Noakes also quotes “Cancer Council Vic” who put up this graphic:


No studies quoted yet, maybe Paleo Mom has some more substantial backing?