Week off must have helped: took mile time to 12:52 two weeks after I did 13:23.  Hurt for a bit, wonder if part of the training is enjoying the hurt.  I remember the last race I was in, 40 years ago, I was thinking that I hurt, but so did the SOB trying to out sprint me to the finish.  The weather was perfect 68 degrees in my Vivbram 5 fingers shoes.  I did not do leg day today – which I normally do first. Will do that tomorrow.

More things vilifying certain vegetable products, in this case Soy which is the major oil in the USA. Look at your mayonnaise label, for instance.

Add this thought: Soy is genetically modified so that it will grow in “Roundup”.  The Roundup is absorbed and then is in every Soy product and:

“The jury found that Monsanto purposefully turned a blind eye to the evidence that Roundup causes cancer, and that verdict has been upheld. There are many more lawsuits that await trail.”

And here is the NBC news article.