More on eating meat and especially fat. Dr Barry Groves in a YouTube video (52 minutes) discusses how plant material gets converted to fat in all vegetarian animals via the cecum or large colon.  He discusses how chimps and other primates occasionally to frequently eat meat. And he discusses how the brain shrinks in people who eat mostly vegetarian style.  With documentation.

AT 47:20 Groves talks about shrinkage in brains, especially for vegetarians. He asserts that homo Sapiens brain size has decreased 11% since the beginning of the agricultural age.

His last line is a classic. “Civilized man is the only animal  clever enough to manufacture his own food and stupid enough to eat it.”

Barry Groves seems to be a PhD type of doctor. Just to keep track.

Been emphasizing meat more and more (as you can see):

10/21/18 eggs sausage steak cheese
10/22/18 bacon eggs Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel
10/23/18 Omelet & sausage Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel gf burger swiss cheese
10/24/18 ribeye broccoli Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel
10/25/18 omelet steak burger Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel steak brisket pepperoni
bacon steak sausage Steak Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel
10/27/18 cheesy eggs steak brisket