Today the 30 minute run was hard. 14:50 for the first mile.  But I did it. It was after “leg day” done last night. So maybe that matters. I did push it, but did not really feel it or have it.  Whatever IT is.

Statins and Cholesterol seem to be the recent theme: here is a page of discussion. With links to more information.

These paragraphs open the article and seem to sum up a major problem.

“There are a number of reasons why so many doctors believe in statins and the cholesterol hypothesis. One easily appreciable reason is that they simply haven’t been exposed to the huge amount of contrary data.

Doctors are predominantly shown data that has already been put through the pharmaceutical industry’s marketing machine and presented with sufficient twists and turns to create “unequivocal evidence””

of course, this twitter post shows how open some “scientists” are to science:

Guardian’s attack on Dr Aseem Malhotra: “Prof Rory Collins at Oxford University believes there is an argument for refusing to give cholesterol-deniers a platform.” [Halloween Ghost of Ancel Keys silencing John Yudkin after his “Pure, White & Deadly” fingered sugar]

“cholesterol-denier” …  Is that the same as a scientist who has facts which disagree with you?  What has happened to academia?

And for that matter, if the cholesterol hypothesis is wrong, doesn’t that bring down the “fat is bad for you” hypothesis and basically show that everything done today is not in the patients’ best interest?  .. my thought and question. RSR.

The above question saddens me, because every physician I know works damn hard to learn and apply what he has been taught.  I am questioning the information being fed to the physician, not his ability nor his sincerity.