Did a simple 3.12 mile jog 46:55. Cadence at 172, a little faster; stride length 0.63, not quite as long as my longest. Kept it up easily, but left 2nd toe bleeding. Cannot figure that out except it does work different from same right toe. Oh, well. Mile splits: 15:13, 15:06, 14:58. Gradual improvement.

Food log for the week.

10/28/18 bacon sausage Paleo Krunch ribs seafood delight shrimp
10/29/18 bacon sausage Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel burger mushrooms caesar salad
10/30/18 bacon sausage lamb eggplant mezes lamb
10/31/18 lamb sausage lamb ham sirloin
11/01/18 bacon eggs lamb cream cheese shrimp salad sour cream Gr yogurt Primal Fuel cream
11/02/18 bacon sausage Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel steak seafood delight shrimp
11/03/18 bacon sausage ribs Ribs Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel