Just a bit about running attire – shoes at least.  The book “Born to Run” talks about the Tarahumara Indians and their minimal running gear along with another guy who ran totally barefoot. The chapters on man’s natural running inspired me to look around and examine things. At a minimum, running with minimal shoes and barefoot has caused me to learn to run on the balls of my feet – and I have not had shin splints since I started the minimal shoes. I have experimented a lot.

Here are all my running shoes: comments to follow, my own observations and nothing more.
Red Laces: Invisible Shoes: very thin sole, light weight, the strap between my big toe and next one did not bother me. Things get under my feet, but are easy to get out. The holding knot wears out. I will buy another when these die.

Gray, bottom left: Vibram, I like the way they separate and unroll my toes, nothing gets in them, the pad is great for rough surfaces.

Black middle: one sole up: Skinners Socks. very light, they may compress my feet a little, but I enjoy running in them.

Bottom right: Altra, love the wide toe. These are very light until compared to the first three. My foot seems to ache a little when I run in them. Zero Drop.

Upper left: Altra, very light, Zero Drop. same as Altra.

I enjoy all the shoes at different times. As I said yesterday, a lot of my running is barefoot.

Is it telling that I left my Z-Sandals out of the picture?  I wear them a lot, they are light. Things do get in them, but the feel, after a long time getting used to them, is good. I can run anywhere in them.