Food log: running comments follow.

11/11/18 196.6 hamburger Wings Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel Lamb 2 mezes
11/12/18 196.8 wings steak roast beef
11/13/18 195.6 roast beef Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel wings ham cheese
11/14/18 194.8 bacon hamburger Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel
11/15/18 195.4 omelet bacon lamb ribs
11/16/18 195.4 ham cheese carne asada sour cream guacomole lamb
11/17/18 196.6 sausage bacon Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel shrimp seafood delight

I need to relearn that Primal Fuel is 9 grams carbs per scoop and not use 4 scoops into my Greek yogurt which also is 12 grams carbs per cup. Apparently I have been satisfying my sweet tooth… and not losing weight. Paradoxically, I am in another notch on my belt. Observations, no hypothesis, no answer.

Walked off run earlier in the week. Today did first mile barefoot in 12:41, second in 15:23, but just flaked and did not continue past 2.56 miles in 38:18.
I actually walked some after the second mile. Interesting that my pace/ rhythm at 168 continues and the stride length was 0.64 which is as long as I have done. I could hear the slapping of my flat foot which the Invisible Shoes makes very obvious.