11/20/18 – it is all about money, not health. Sad.

Statins, Dementia and LDL-Cholesterol – a new study.  The discussion is nuanced and includes other considerations. Bottom line: LDL-cholesterol is good, do not lower it.

Fits with this article which displays the profits of the drug companies and links to this article about payments to physicians, from the Society of General Internal Medicine.


This quote is germaine:

“Some would argue that Big Food is only responding to demand, and while we could debate the extent of that, people are buying their foods, so the demand is there.

The foods they make using seed oils, refined grains, and sugar are highly profitable partly because the ingredients are dirt cheap and can be stored on a shelf indefinitely.

A few cents worth of these ingredients, when marketed properly with a brand name slapped on the box, sells for dollars. Pizza, soda, breakfast cereal, pastries: all made of cheap ingredients. (Allegedly the aluminum in a can of soda is the single most expensive ingredient.)

So, as with Big Pharma, Big Food is another aspect of our global diabesity and disease epidemic which makes a huge amount of money, and therefore is not interested in changing the status quo, other than to make even more money.”

Here is a graphic I have shown before.FoodCos