Food Log

11/18/18 hamburger salmon cheese surloin
11/19/18 bacon sausage ribeye steak pepperoni
11/20/18 bacon sausage ham steak cheese ham cheese cheese pizza toppings
11/21/18 cream Primal Fuel cheese beef cheese
11/22/18 bacon sausage eggs turkey
11/23/18 bacon sausage eggs pork turkey
11/24/18 bacon sausage ribeye brocolli

And the “long jog” which I did on Saturday since I had done nothing all week.  3.60 miles 60:01. Pretty unremarkable run, though I seemed to warm up and get similar splits after the first hard mile: 13:45, 17:29, 17:56, last rate was 17:59  —  Right knee aches a little;  there is no new injury. I did take a line drive off it when I was pitching at age 8 – the hitter was a Little League all-star who was 11. It aches periodically.