The Great Plains functioned as a Buffalo ranch for the Plains Indians and never broke down.  I have seen articles showing how Cattle, and to a lessor extent, sheep build things up. It all fits together. Global Warming is literally BS and man is supposed to eat meat.
from the Twitter world:

perennial grasses can live 500 years and they pump carbon into the soil to feed soil microbes. They co-evolved with large herds of grazing animals which help cycle their biomass (with the help of dung beetles) and with proper planning, cows can do that same work…

Which allows erosion?  Which has biodiversity?  Come on US Government, apply some science.

And here is a page from Dr Georgia Ede’s Diagnosis Diet web pages. She continues to show how “studies” are studies in Propaganda, not Science.

Here is the latest version of leg day. Note it happened the day AFTER the “hard run”. And I could feel it.  But it was a good day.


Exercise Weight & Reps
Deadlift-split bar 135×6 185×5 235×4 285
Squat 65×6 85×5 105×5 110×5 115×5
One leg toe raise – machine 130×8 135×8
Toe Raise -machine 405
Machine Squat 135×10
Rev Curl 30×5 40×5 50×5 60×6