I repeat a thought on land use. I am pretty sure all those roots have carbon in them. So annual crops don’t hold carbon, perennials do and ruminants graze on perennials… science seems clear to me. What am I missing?


And the food log:

12/09/18 sardines coconut mayo pizza topping ribeye
12/10/18 omelet Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel lamb patties
12/11/18 cheesy bacon eggs pulled pork pepperone burger
12/12/18 liver onions bacon Shrimp lettuce tomato Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel
12/12/18 omelet Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel ribeye
12/14/18 bacon eggs Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel ham carnitas lettuce cheese ice cream crème brulee
12/15/18 ham ham and cheese steak shrimp seafood delight

The yellow color indicates where I went off the diet. It cost me heart burn, same as last two times about 3 months apart. And weight gain. Not too bad on mood.

And the “long jog”:

Distance 4.54 71:14
Mile #1 15:11
Mile #2 15:33
Mile #3 15:58
Mile #4 15:48
Mile #5
Max HR
Cadence 172
Stride Length 0.6
Shoes Skinner Socks