Artificial meat is being promoted now: supposedly better for the environment; however, this TED talk makes me wonder. Also fake meat does not provide saturated fats, Omega-3 FA’s, carnitine, B12, Vitamin D. So are we being sold a bill of goods?  ! Creo que si!

The Eyes have it:Predator

Food Log:  (long jog report later)

12/16/18 omelet bacon liver onions Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel
12/17/18 Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel ham bacon cream cheese lamb
12/18/18 bacon egg cheese ham lamb Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel hamburger swiss cheese
12/19/18 Greek yogurt cream Primal Fuel steak burger ham
12/20/18 burger cheese ham pepperoni pulled pork, steak
12/21/18 bacon eggs ribeye
12/22/18 omelet bacon lamb

And the “not-so-long jog”:

felt ok but did not push…obviously. but I did jog 2+ yesterday.

Distance 2.95 48:04
Mile #1 15:23
Mile #2 16:30
Mile #3 estimate 16:57
Mile #4
Mile #5
Max HR 136
Cadence 172
Stride Length 0.58
Shoes Skinner Socks