Merry Christmas to all: Peace on Earth and goodwill towards mankind.

After the morning festivities, we are on our own and have even walked a little. Tuesday is mostly a rest day anyway.  But I have explored the food thing some and found some expansion of the thoughts on soybeans. This is all from a 63 year old microbiologist who had worsening experience on the standard diet and jogging plan: P.D. Mangan used his scientific base knowledge to explore for better answers and more thoroughly than I can claim:

From his pages, a little thought about soy beans in particular:

The Bad

Soy contains phytoestrogens, which are molecules that mimic the action of estrogen. They’re a class of compounds known as endocrine disruptors, which affect the sex hormone systems of both men and women, and are of increasing concern in the environment. Endocrine disruptors are also found in food packaging, personal care products, store receipts, and plastics, and should be avoided.

If we should avoid environmental endocrine disruptors, it seems a really bad idea to be ingesting them in large quantities.

Soy contains large amounts of endocrine-disrupting phytoestrogens. See table below.

The amount of estrogens in soy makes the use of hormones in meat into a non-issue.

Some studies have found the effects on male hormones such as testosterone to be minor, others have found a larger effect. The larger point, however, is that because phytoestrogens bind and activate the estrogen receptor, they don’t need to change male hormones to have a feminizing effect.

Large amounts of soy can lead to a complete loss of manhood and gynecomastia (man boobs).

An interesting and very true story here.  Six years into my veterinary career I spayed a young cat for a client with whom I had a good talking relationship. The spay was routine and the cat healed well except it grew mammary glands, in spite of the fact that it was spayed before it even had had a season. Had I left a piece of ovary inside, was this just a weird thing or what? I quizzed the owner who reported no change in anything else at home. A week later they came back: still engorged mammary glands. More quizzing and suspecting that I might need to explore for a piece of the ovary, or refer to the University where they had one of those new-fangled ultrasound machines so they could see without subjecting the cat to anesthesia. Another week and they still were engorged. More quizzing: the owners now said “By the way, we have been feeding her raw hamburger to help her heal faster.”  Relief flooded me and I advised them to stop the hamburger. Within a week the mammary glands went down to normal.  I have been aware of what exogenous hormones can do ever since.

Why does the government allow soy to be put into so many things?  And the big question (mine): is it behind all the “gender dysphoria” going on today? or the E.D. problems, which create so much advertising?