Monthly performance – not going to push anything for the next couple of days.. so here it is.

Dec 28 – end of year Last Month Start – Jan 1
Weight 191 192.4 224
Resting Heart Rate 50 52 59
Bench Press 115×10 185×1 195
Dead Lift 315 310 205
Longest Jog 4.54 mi 1:11:14 3.69 mi 1:01:54 2.11 mi 50:50 min
Mile Run (Jog?) 13:02 12:41 18:39

The right shoulder again, BTW.

I am convinced that LCHF is the way. I feel better than I have felt since the early 1960’s. I vividly remember laying on a weight bench at McGuire AFB on my 25th birthday and thinking that I felt old.  My legs are sore today from a hard lift, some new plyometric stuff and the old 2.1 mile jog. But I am happy. and optimistic about improving.