Jan 9, 2019

Got back to bench pressing 135 lbs (x7 reps). Not great, but it was nice to put the “grown up” plates on the bar and to not hurt.

Still trying to feel the right amount of running to get to where I can go for long runs and cover some real distance in a reasonable time. I have run 5 of the last 6 days, though all but one have been for approximately 24 minutes at an easy jog.

A very interesting thought about the evolution of amylase.

“I wonder if it is safe (pun intended) to consider the possibility that this high repetition of the amylase gene is actually a defensive or protective response in our genome triggered by the increase in starch consumption that occurred after the emergence of agriculture, or maybe even as far back as from the control of fire? This is a possibility I have not come across in the many discussions I have yawned my way through, yet I find it plausible. i.e., that we convert the starch to glucose as soon as possible so that it can be assimilated quickly, or else it will increase fermentative reactions in the lower small bowel…”

The whole article.