Feb 14, 2019

On the cruise, I ate large amounts of bacon for breakfast twice daily and then dinner. The result was that at the end of the trip my weight was down slightly (1 lb).  At home things are going ok, but as we often do we ate at a Chinese buffet which features shrimp, occasionally beef and “seafood delight.”  Each time we eat there I gain weight the next morning. This time it was 1.6 lbs.  Even taking into account the scale and the fact of normal daily variation, I have to ask my self what is going on?  Do they use vegetable (seed) oil in the seafood delight? I know there is sugar in the beef, but what else. It sure is convenient; however, I am seeing a small addition to the problems of eating well.

I am noting some of the same pseudo-science claims in the “Global Warming – Climate Change” world.  If interested, I am doing sort of an going comment, with pics and graphs. See the “Climate Thoughts” page.