April 1, 2019

Not a Fool’s day!

First, a Psychology Today article by Dr Georgia Ede about ALA and LA – the parents of the Omega Fatty acids we need: EPA, DHA, and ARA.  We can only convert about 10% of the plant forms, not enough for optimum function.

About my exercise program: Pondering on the “how often to work out?” question has been going on. Part of me wants to jog daily to prove to myself I can do it and that age “is just a number.” That does not seem to be working out, and indeed I know that even younger me needed recovery time.  Some of this comes from my belief that we are born to jog after prey, but I wasn’t there so I may be over interpreting.

Recently read Meb Keflezighi’s pretty good book “26 Marathons.” in it he talks about how he had to adjust his training to 1 hard day and 2 easy days for a 9 day cycle, instead of a weekly cycle.  I also know from weight training books and my own experience that a longer cycle works pretty well.

So: I plan to lift and run hard one day and slow jog 4 days later, then wait 4 days for the next lift. In other words an 8 day cycle.  I will also do the other exercises every 8 days instead of weekly.

Wish me luck.