April 21, 2019

Happy Western Easter – Orthodox is next weekend.. has to do with the Julian calendar..

weight bumped up a little – even with no Greek yogurt for a couple of days.  Here is today’s run. actually in 2 parts, so I could see how pace and stride length were during the “fast” part… The numbers are from the first 2.27 miles. Then I reset the distance and timer.  Yesterday, when I did legs in the gym and played tennis was the only non-run day after 6 straight 30 minute jogs.   Today felt good until about the 2.5 mile mark and then, it was work.

Distance 3.98 1:01:23
Mile #1 13:35
Mile #2 14:47
Mile #3 16:34
Mile #4
Mile #5
Max HR 114
Cadence 174
Stride Length 0.65
Shoes barefoot Z-Sandal