April 27, 2019

Finished the “Story of the Human Body” by Harvard’s Dr. Lieberman. He ends up talking about how to deal with evolutionary mismatch diseases and questions whether government should have a hand.  hmmmm….. He does come out for lower carb and against simple sugars.  Pretty interesting overall, especially since it was a 2013 book.

my food log for the week:

04/21/19 191.8 ham rib eye
04/22/19 190.4 bacon Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel/Collagen shrimp salmon beef onions
04/23/19 193.2 bacon cheesy eggs pepperoni ribs rib eye
04/24/19 192 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel/Collagen rib eye
04/25/19 189.2 omelet bacon lamb eggplant mezes liver ham
04/26/19 190.2 Rib eye – Paleo Fuel Greek yogurt cream Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel
04/27/19 190 omelet ham ham lamb