May 5, 2019

A little thought process.  People constantly hit me with “we are all different”, but I usually respond something equivalent to “bullshit”; after all, we apparently come from less than 100 people who left Africa. There is no doubt that many primitive tribes eat large amounts of fibrous vegetables; however they ALL eat meat. I am pretty sure many, if not most, Asians are unable to digest lactose; however, the Masai live off milk, blood and meat; the Northern Europeans developed a similar ability and cheese so they could store food with 70% fat and 30% protein (some coincidence?). And I continue to ask what the heck they think Arctic peoples eat most of the year? They surely are not digging into the tundra to get their spinach.  What do you think Homo Sapiens was eating when we moved into ice age Europe? Again, not spinach or even eggplant.  North American Indians ate buffalo which did scrape through the snow to get to grass.  When people moved into cities and became subjects of kings, they were fed grains.  And actually, what was Robin Hood’s first and biggest crime? He shot the king’s deer (and ate them).  Meat was reserved for the aristocracy.  And while the French nobles were dining on meats, the peasant ate bread, when they ran out of bread. Marie Antoinette suggested cake, not beef, lamb or even goats.

I may not be a king, but I do not want to live like a peasant. And my body seems to agree. After the food log comes a brief observation – what happens when I do break all my own rules… I like variety, same as others.

04/28/19 189.4 bacon sausage steak Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel
04/29/19 190.2 omelet rib eye ham
04/30/19 191.2 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel burger cheese sour cream
05/01/19 188.8 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel/Collagen wings burger cheese sour cream
05/02/19 189.4 bacon cheesy eggs ice cream village salad gyro meat
05/03/19 189.4 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel/Collagen salmon fish cheese No. 1 Buffet ham cheese tomato
05/04/19 189.4 ribs Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel/Collagen

Note the items in dark background. I felt a mood difference the next day. and two days later the full log shows difficulty with the B-M. The only time that happens is after I eat veggies.  Observation, supported by my log, but no explanation.