May 28, 2019

An interesting week in self observation. Last Thursday (May 23) I hit a new low weight of 186.0 lbs. No biggie, except what has happened in the last 5 days. That is I ate too much at the Chinese buffet including their seafood delight and cheese topped fish dish. Next day 190.0 lbs.  I knew the buffet could push the weight up, but never 4 lbs before.  I followed up by eating ice cream in the middle of the night.  And then Popeyes – just the chicken on the 25th.  My weight was over 193 – 7+  lbs in 3 days.

What is really telling is that part of what I experienced was swelling, especially in my left ankle.  I had ankle edema for a long time and ignored it; but was mildly aware that it had gone down. The reappearance of the edema, along with a trend toward anger made me get seriously onto my diet.

Today (28th) 187.8 – a more common amount of fluctuation and no ankle edema.

A very telling 5 days:

05/23/19 186 omelet bacon gouda cheese shrimp salmon beef onions seafood delight
05/24/19 190 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel GF meat sticks sausage GF meat sticks Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel ice cream
05/25/19 191 bacon Popeye Chicken Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel lamb cheese
05/26/19 193.8 Greek yogurt Cream Primal Fuel lamb rib eye
05/27/19 188.8 bacon cheesy eggs lamb mushroom onion hamburger
05/28/19 187.8