June 12, 2019

Reading the book 1491, which discusses the evolution of knowledge about the AmerIndian.  One of the things which stood out to me was to interaction of archaeologists and anthropologists within their ranks and between their fields. The degree of bitterness, anger and personal attacks is astonishing. The childish behavior reminds me of what I have found and am finding in the Nutrition field and also in the Climate field.

In the nutrition field I am lucky enough to have been educated as a DVM and so can understand the physiology and some of the body’s responses.  In climate stuff, I have to guess.  In both fields, I suspect that all the answers are not in. However, I think that is especially true in the climate field.

One of the interesting tidbits from “1491” was a discussion of 2000 BCE (!) Peru area civilization. That is right, same time as Ur, the “first” city.  Anyway, the Peru peoples had developed a civilization, with monumental structures, etc,  based on agriculture. But, the agriculture was cotton for the fishing nets.  Analysis of coproliths showed that the people only ate fish! No vegetables were grown, nor consumed. Of course, this ties in with the thought that humans are carnivores, not vegetable eaters. (And parallels professor James C. Scott’s views on societal development in his book “Against the Grain”.)

In the health and diabetes field, VirtaHealth.com is definitely showing that low carb helps diabetes in a significant percentage of patients.

Now I am going out for a short run.  And I did intervals yesterday.