June 25, 2019

Weight gain from Der Biergarten?  Kraut?(red and white sauerkraut) fillings in the sausage? ate too much? Felt a little “not quite the same” and the weight was not right… just observation.  The meal was fabulous and the service very friendly. An A++ place.

I also noticed that I had put 195 for my deadlift, it is actually 295. Correction in post made.

Today is trying to get back on track. Will lift chest day and then run for fun. Reports after the fact.

Afternoon: benched 190 today. Felt the shoulder and continue to drop shoulder exercise weights to lower rehab levels.

And the 2:00 run/ jog netted 2.0 miles in 27:25.  83 degrees but not overbearing.

Then, this came up on Twitter: Why would anyone take Statins – the OSU.. study.