July 21, 2019

What can I say? 3.08 miles in 51:25.

I have seen a lot of Tweets condemning PUFA’s. I asked myself how bad they were. Meaning I “Duck Ducked” (Gooogle’d (!)) “pufa’s worse than carbs for diabetes”and came up with some interesting things:

Diabetes Daily forum.  “Increased PUFA consumption (mostly Omega-6) is one of the largest changes in the American diet in sync with the epidemic of T2 diabetes. Research suggests several ways in which it probably has a direct role – along with of course large increased in fructose and glucose from diet. See this study:”

Soybean oil induces diabetes, glucose intolerance and insulin resistance (IR)

Since there is a considerable debate in the literature about whether HFCS in sodas or processed foods contributes to diabetes [33,63], we examined glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity by GTT and ITT. To our surprise, we found that at 20 weeks the F-HFD did not cause diabetes (fasting blood glucose level > 200 mg/dL) whereas the SO-HFD did (Fig 4A). Furthermore, the F-HFD mice were just barely less tolerant to glucose than the Viv mice while the SO-HFD were extremely intolerant. Interestingly, the addition of fructose to SO-HFD (F-SO-HFD) actually slightly ameliorated the glucose intolerance of SO-HFD. Notably, the diet consisting primarily of coconut oil (HFD) did not show any diabetes or glucose intolerance at 20 weeks.

Linked Study which says soybean oil is more obesogenic than coconut oil and fructose in the mouse.

Butter Believer has a cute graphic which shows farmers loving the commercialization of formerly waste products into “food.” And a 2 minute video which shows human diet history, cute, compact and accurate. video.

Also still have to ask what the role of Glyphosate in all of the would be?