Aug 3, 2019

Leg day was a bust.  Yesterday I really wanted to run but did not since the regular interval for leg day is today.  Did an AM workout; however, only managed to dead lift 280. Felt other stuff as much or more than normal.

Did the 55:22 jog early Afternoon, 3.38 miles. Listening to “Into the Furnace” by Cory Reese.  I found my HR at 126 frequently. Too high, should have slowed down even more; however, that is also a comment on how enjoyable the book is.

The eternal reminder from: Carnivore Aurelius © @KetoAurelius

“Optimal health is IMPOSSIBLE without animal foods. Plants don’t contain: –
  • Vitamin D3 –
  • Vitamin K2 –
  • Vitamin B12 –
  • EPA – DHA –
  • Cholesterol –
  • Carnitine

Vegan propaganda needs to end.”