Aug 13, 2019

One important thing, in my opinion, is to understand where thoughts come from. Thus to understand motive and in the end, validity.

Where did the “vegan-vegetarian” idea come from? It is older than this, yet look at the real push in this country, now being exported: Georgia Ede MD, quoting @BelindaFettke
” ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ is based on the Ideology of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and the belief that the ‘plant-based’ vegan Garden of Eden diet, consisting of fruits, nuts and seeds, is the God-Appointed diet for man.”
The whole article is very interesting: It covers a lot of the current implementation and who backs it and possible motivation.
My saga:  I seem to be eating more and so not losing weight.. For whatever reason my resting Heart Rate, off my watch, has suddenly dropped 2 beats to 48. That should be good.  Today is Bench Press and chest day, let’s see how that goes.