Aug 21, 2019

Continuing to modify the running part of things: for a while 2 days between runs, still pondering when to do leg and dead lift day.  Will probably do recovery jog after long jog.

Today, was “interval day”  4 x 30 second sprints is all I could manage on way to 13:16 mile to start 27:26 minutes for 1.89 miles. In my Vibram Trail shoes. A little disappointed with mile speed, but pleased overall.

Very interesting discussion of early Homo species here.  Bone marrow as source of nutrition?    A couple of paragraphs:

“3.5 million years ago, the brains of some Australopithecus species were 30% bigger than chimpanzee brains.”

“The human brain which is made up of 60% fat uses up 20% of the body’s energy; this is twice the amount used by primates with a vegetarian diet. Although, how we meet the caloric needs to develop and feed such a big brain still remains an unsolved mystery, the difference (between primates) is essentially based on high protein content provided by meat consumption.”

“Thompson, on the other hand, supports another theory which has been gaining popularity since the 1980s; she argues that long before early humans began hunting, they consumed bone marrow by smashing the bones that predatory animals left behind.”