Aug 26, 2019

Dead lifts were a failure at 325 – it was like an isometric exercise. Did do 275×2 then 275×1. Did some lower rep squats on the machine to 295. Brought new meaning to slo-jogging on the so-called recovery run, but I did my 27 minutes.  Some of my point is to increase strength with the mass that higher reps bring.  Certainly can feel the workout in my legs.   Have read one book recommending this for runners.  And I have been sort of using the idea for my bench presses. I sort of think it works.
Paleo-Keto has more winners than the Beetles!
Clemens Zsófia, PhD @ClemensZsofia
“Disease-free, side-effect-free, medicine-free already for 3.5 years. And what’s more: this year he has been accepted at the Medical University, Budapest! Stay tuned, a new generation is coming in medicine!”