Aug 30, 2019

War on nature must end,‘ says activist Greta Thunberg in New York.

I submit:  The war on nature is being waged by the Climate Activists and the Nutrition Activists and the Social Engineering Activists.

And then:  “Regardless of which components in soybean oil are responsible for those effects, its increasing use both in the U.S. and worldwide [16,168] warrants a detailed understanding of its effect on our health.”  from this STUDY.

Tidbits from the article:

  • Soybean Oil Is More Obesogenic and Diabetogenic than Coconut Oil and Fructose in Mouse

  • Soybean oil induces more weight gain and adiposity than fructose

  • Soybean oil induces diabetes, glucose intolerance and insulin resistance

  • Soybean oil causes fatty liver and hepatocyte ballooning

  • Soybean oil causes a dysregulation of liver gene expression

  • Soybean oil increases accumulation of fatty acid metabolites in the liver