Sep 24, 2019

At the gym, talking to a guy who also lifts and is seeking to delay aging. He is open to ideas, but not quite keto. Apparently his EE son (Ga Tech) is also interested in nutrition and working out and is clashing with his physician over values in blood tests. He also is directly reading studies! I hope to add their input. He sent me a couple of YouTube videos.

And indeed,  Benjamin Bickman, BYU PhD, gives an interesting YouTube talk on insulin resistance and why insulin is harmful as a treatment!

My gym friend also told me he has read that Aspartame can induce dizziness.  More coincidence with my fall?  Still not good for me!

Did my workout – bench press up to 150×5. Then jogged; however, hard to even maintain Maffetone HR, so lots of walking – to 1.58 miles.