Oct 30, 2019

I have been doing the supplements and only drinking one (16 oz) glass of Diet Coke in the morning.  HR stayed in the mid 50’s except one day of 49.  My breathing has been much easier and the walks/ with jogging have been improving.  So today being the (stupid) scientist that I am, I had 2 glasses of Diet Coke.

Result: HR hit low of 30 (!), some dizziness, but able to do my workout.  Walking on the treadmill I had a hard time jogging over 3.2 MPH.   I am convinced the soda is killing me.

Lifting, did squats, thighs below parallel, to 95 x 5, toe raises, and other auxillary lifting.  Then a 38 minute walk on the treadmill.

====> following up Oct 31 morning: woke to a 38 Heart Rate and also noted two signs of sleep apnea. 1) rapid breathing as if I had been running 2) dry mouth.  Wonder how the Diet Coke (caffeine – phosphorus) relates to all this.  I will not try to experiment.